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The basics

No, but it is recommended that you use either Chrome or Firefox to access sessions in order to use the full feature set of Collaborate Ultra. Read more about browser support here.
Moderators should add a link within the module, see the detailed guide.
Make sure you have set up the audio equipment that you’d like to use, and that the levels are satisfactory. You can read the guide on getting started with audio.

Also note that the maximum number of simultaneous speakers is often limited in a session, and you may need to wait until others have turned off their microphones before being able to speak.

Collaborate Ultra can support up to 250 users in a single session. Larger sessions with up to 500 participants can set up by ticking the box for Large scale session (250+) within the session settings.
Moderator, Presenter and Participant. Further information is available in the guide.
A room is a virtual location where sessions take place.
Yes. See the student Collaborate pages.
Web based training sessions are being offered by OD&PL, which you can book via their website.
A Minerva module or organisation is required to use Collaborate Ultra. Where you don't have access to Collaborate Ultra via an existing module or organisation, or if you want to use it as part of a service, research project, public and community engagement or virtual open day you can request that we create you an organisation by completing this form.
See the Collaborate Ultra section of the known issues page for further information.
Yes, by sharing the guest link to your session. Please note that this should not be shared publicly. It’s recommended that the link is sent in a private email to the external participant.


No, only Moderators or Presenters can give presentations. However, a Participant can be promoted to be a temporary Presenter or Moderator during a session. The Moderator must do this in the participant panel, where they can adjust roles for users.
Irrespective of whether you have been granted rights in the session, clicking on a 'guest link' will result in you entering the session as a Participant. Try launching the session again from the beginning ensuring that the link you are using is not a 'guest link'.
Yes, they can have their role changed by another moderator.
Collaborate Ultra does not have Instructor rooms, but instead has a room for the module known as a course room. If you don't want to use the module room you can schedule individual sessions.


Session recordings are available from the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra menu in your Module's Control Panel (under the Module menu). Select Module Tools > Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Then select the menu in the top left corner, then Recordings.

You can provide students with access to recordings by sending a URL. Go to the circle icon towards the right of the screen for the recording you’d like to share, and click copy link.

Any recordings that you see in a module or organisation that are owned by someone else will be accessible because the person is enrolled on the module or organisation, and has chosen to share the recording with it. They aren't publicly listed but anyone with the link will be able to access the recording, even if they aren't part of the module or University of Leeds.

No. Once a recording is deleted it can't be restored. However deleting a recording is a two step process where you are asked to review and confirm the deletion prior to it being finalised.

Follow the speaker isn’t supported in IE, please use Chrome or Firefox to access this functionality.

You cannot pause a recording, but you can create multiple recordings for one session. Any new recordings are saved and added to the list of recordings for that session. Recordings will only appear once the session has finished.

Recording will stop when all participants are moved into Breakout Groups without notification, which will need to be restarted by the Moderator after all users have returned to the main room. This will result in a split recording for the session.

The Whiteboard cannot be saved. If you'd like to use the content created on the whiteboard later in a session, take a screenshot (Windows: Use the Print Screen key, Mac: Use the Command+Shift+3 keys) that can be uploaded as shared content.

There is a known issue where some images added to PowerPoint aren't displayed in Collaborate Ultra. A workaround is to save the file as a PDF before sharing in Collaborate Ultra.

Collaborate Ultra is unable to provide suitable captioning functionality at present. This guide provides various alternative options to enable captioning.


See the Collaborate Ultra checklist guide.


It isn’t possible to restrict who has access to a room. When linking to a Collaborate Ultra area anyone enrolled on the module or organisation can access it, and any associated recordings. A private chat can be created between participants by accessing the participant controls menu.
Moderators can assign you manually or reassign all participants. 'Raise your hand' in the session to get the attention of a Moderator.
No, Collaborate Ultra does not utilise Blackboard groups, however you can use the various types of Breakout rooms in Collaborate Ultra to create group spaces. Participants can be added manually or distributed evenly or by number between multiple breakout rooms.
Yes, you can see a report for each session. Go to Module Tools > Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Click on the circle icon for the course room, the view reports. From the next screen you’ll be able to select the report for any session that has taken place. There is also the option to export this report in a printable and CSV format. Screenshot of report link

Read more about the attendance reports here.


For the best experience use the most recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox. IE 11 is not supported. A full list of supported browsers is available Blackboard help pages.
All you need to run Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is an up to date web browser. For the full experience, it’s recommended you use either Chrome or Firefox. You can read more about browser support here.
It is likely that the application has been minimised. To share the application locate and maximise it.
This occurs when you share the Collaborate session window. If you are attempting to share the browser window we recommend opening the site in a new tab, or using an alternative browser.
It may be that your bandwidth is low. The best practice guide has advice on managing bandwidth. If you're a moderator, you can check on individual attendees connectivity by moving your pointer over the connectivity indicator in the attendees list.
If you are using Application Share to share a webpage there may be some lag, or delay within Collaborate Ultra. It’s designed to respond according to your network speed and will adjust dynamically according to conditions.
Collaborate Ultra doesn't capture drop down menus, or right mouse clicks. To do this you will need to use the Share Application/Screen > Entire Screen option.
If you are accessing the session on a different PC, or web browser to the one you added a profile picture on it will need to be added again.

Some users on the Admin network have reported issues gaining access to Collaborate Ultra sessions in Minerva when using the Chrome browser on a Windows PC. If you experience this issue, access the session using Firefox as an alternative browser. Check that the version you have installed is updated to 49 or above in order to gain the full Ultra experience. You can find out which version of Firefox you have installed by going to the browser menu Screenshot of report link > Help Screenshot of report link > About Firefox. This will also check for updates.

If you have any problems or need to have the Firefox browser installed on your PC, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Take a look at the guide on how to call into a session.The number that is generated needs altering before dialling. If you're calling from the UK, ignore the 44 prefix. If you're calling from overseas, use 00 as the prefix. The pound key also refers to the hash key. Please note that anonymous dial in is not available, so follow the instructions to join from in the session.

To enable application sharing when using Chrome, you'll need to install a desktop sharing extension to the browser. You will be prompted to do this the first time you attempt to share an application using Chrome, and won't have to do this again once installed. You can also download it in advance of your session from the Chrome web store.

Attempt to reconnect to the session, by clicking reconnect on screen, or refreshing the browser window. If this doesn't work try accessing the link again.

If you need to report connection issues please include the date and time of the issue, along with the session name, module/organisation details and the browser you were using.

If you had connection issues and were able to successfully connect, but still want to report an issue you can also include the session logs which we can pass to Blackboard for further investigation. Once connected click the session menu > Report an issue > Copy the auto generated report text and paste this as part of your message when contacting the IT Service Desk.

Collaborate Ultra no longer supports browsers which require the use of Adobe Flash for media, including Internet Explorer 11 on Windows and Safari 10 on Mac OS. To access any sessions, you will need to install either the most recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

Further Information

The Collaborate Ultra support site has it’s own list of FAQs.