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Linking to Collaborate Ultra Rooms

This guide will show you how to add a link to your Collaborate Ultra Room so that students can access them. Make sure you have read the Collaborate Ultra Rooms and Collaborate Ultra Options guides first.

  1. Navigate to a content area where you'd like to link to the Collaborate Ultra Room.
  2. From the content area select Tools, then More Tools.
  3. Select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. By default the link name is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

    Screenshot of the Add Link function in a Module
  4. When you add Blackboard Collaborate to your course content, it links to the tool, not a specific session. Help your students find the session you want them to join. Tell them the session name in the link name or content editor.
  5. Select Submit.

Guest Users

External users can be given access by a URL. This is not turned on for any course room or session by default, so you must change the setting to allow guest users to join.

  1. In your module go to the Control Panel (under the module menu), select Module Tools and then select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
  2. Find the relevant Collaborate room or session.
  3. Select the circle icon at the end of the room/session, and edit settings.
  4. Tick the guest access option
  5. Keep the role set to Participant. Once you've clicked save, the guest link will generate.
  6. Copy the link by clicking the square icon, or from the session menu:
    Screenshot of Invite Guests Link
  7. Distribute the link to guests securely.

Note: Once you add a link to Collaborate in the module/organisation all students will have access to any of the available sessions and recordings. It isn’t possible to restrict access to groups or individuals.