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Collaborate Ultra Room Options

This guide will show you how to adjust options for Collaborate Ultra Rooms. Read the Collaborate Ultra Rooms guide first to understand the different Collaborate Ultra Room types.

Session Rooms

Unlike the automatically created Module room, you must first create Session Rooms.

  1. In your module go to the Control Panel (under the module menu), select Module Tools and then select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
  2. In the Sessions window, select the Create Session button.
    Screenshot of the Create Session function
  3. Give the Session a meaningful name.
  4. You must now enter the event details. Tick the Guest Access box ONLY if you need to invite external participants
  5. Under Event Details, set the Start time and End Time, when the room will be available.
  6. Turn Repeat on if you'd like to schedule the room to open periodically, and select the repeat options. Room schedules can repeat daily, weekly or monthly and you can limit the number of times the schedule repeats.
  7. Select an Early session entry if you want to allow participants to enter the room before the session formally starts.
  8. Consider the Session Settings as described below
  9. Click Create to save your session.

Session Settings

For all types of Collaborate Ultra Rooms you need to review the Session Settings. This can be done after adding the event details by clicking on the tab with a cog icon.

Screenshot of the session settings cog icon

To edit later, click on the Sessions Options icon next to the relevant session or room, then Edit Settings.

Screenshot of the Edit Room option

Under the session title you will see another tab with a cog icon. Click on this to see the session settings.

  • Default Attendee Role: Select from the dropdown menu what you’d like the default role for all users joining the session to be. Generally, this will be participant which is preselected.
  • Recording: You can select to Anonymise chat messages and Allow recording downloads.
    • If you anonymise chat messages, this means that student names will not appear in the recording; they will appear as User1, User2 etc. This should be selected before the session starts if students do not want their name listed in the recording.
    • Allow recording downloads will enable students to download an mp4 file of the recording. Make sure that you select this option before the session starts as it cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Moderator permissions: Select Only show profile pictures for Moderators to stop student pictures appearing. This should be selected if students are concerned about appearing in the recording.
  • Participants can: Select what permissions you’d like participants to have. This includes sharing audio, video, posting chat messages and drawing on the whiteboard.
  • Enable session telephony: Select this option if you’d like users to be able to join the session using a telephone.
  • Private Chat: Change the private chat options for participants.
  • Large scale session (250+): Select this option if you would like to extend the capacity of your session to up to 500 participants. Note that breakout groups will be disabled with this option.
  • Profanity filter: Select this option to automatically obscure inappropriate words from the chat.

  • Note: If you wish to record a session, students should be notified and advised their name will be present by default. If students would prefer, change the settings as described above to hide their name and profile picture. This has to be done before the session starts. Read the recordings guide for further information on how to record/University policies on recording.

Roles and Access

You can change the default roles on the Collaborate Ultra Room and restrict access to certain users on your module. Note that if you make someone a Moderator, this will give them the same rights as an Instructor. For example, they can control other participant's permissions (e.g. make them a Moderator) or rescind someone's access to a Room. It is only advisable to make a student a Moderator when it is a student led activity.

Using Groups

You can use Ultra with existing Blackboard Groups. If you choose to use this feature, students can share content, use the whiteboard and create recordings. If you haven't already set up Groups, take a look at our guide on how to do this.

  • To enable Ultra within Blackboard Groups, go to Module Management
  • Select Users and Groups, then Groups
  • Click the arrow next to the group and select Edit Group
  • Under Tool Availability, select Allow all group members to create and access session recordings
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the screen.

Next Step

Once you have reviewed settings, you are ready to add a link to the Collaborate Ultra Room so that students can access it.