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Collaborate Ultra - Recording

Moderators can record Collaborate Ultra sessions for playback after the session. Only users with the Moderator role can record sessions.

Before recording, read the University's Policy on Audio or Video Recording for Educational Purposes.

Why should I record my Collaborate session?

You might want to record a session for users who:

  • could not attend the live session (perhaps those based in a different time zone)
  • want to use the recording as a revision aid
  • want to review a recorded meeting or group discussion and take additional notes

Consider what element of the session would be most valuable to users. For example, you might want to include:

  • the session audio
  • the chat transcript
  • session slides\uploads\file shares

Watch a webinar on recording sessions: Session Recordings

Why might I not want to record my Collaborate Ultra session?

  • Copyright: When recording a session you must consider the copyright implications of any material you use on your slides, and any audio or video that you play during the session. You may only use other people's material if it clearly states that you may do so. If in doubt, seek permission or do not use it.
  • Relevance: if you think a participant would benefit more from attending a live session rather than watching the recording.
  • Time Restrictions: will a user have time to watch a recording? The provision of other resources, such as a presentation or notes may be more beneficial.
  • Participants might not want to be recorded for various reasons (privacy, commercial reasons etc.)

Informing participants that a session will be recorded

You need to inform participants that the session is going to be recorded and shared. This must be communicated before the session (e.g. email) to allow participants to advise if they do not want to be recorded, or do not want to be identified in the recording. Further information is available in the Audio Visual Policy.

What if students don't want to be identified in the recording?

If students don't wish to be identified in a recording you can hide their names. This must be done prior to a session, it isn't possible to do this once a session has started.

Read the section on Session Settings in the room options guide to find out how to hide student names and pictures from the recording.

Start recording

It is best to wait until all of the Participants are in the session before starting the recording. This will prevent Participants watching the recording from having to forward through lots of empty time at the start of the recording.

Open the session menu in the top left corner, and click Start recording. You’ll see a camera icon with a red dot has appeared to signify recording is in progress.

Recording in progress screenshot

To stop recording, go back to the menu and click Stop recording. The recording will also stop by default if all participants (moderator, presenters and participants) leave the room.

Note: You cannot pause a recording, but you can create multiple recordings for one session. Any new recordings are saved and added to the list of recordings for that session. Recordings will only appear once the session has finished.

Finding a recording

Once the session is finished, recordings will appear in the recordings menu.

  • In your module go to the Control Panel (under the module menu), select Module Tools and then select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.This will open the session menu.
  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines, then select Recordings to view the recordings menu.
  • Any recording(s) will be listed here.
Note: When linking to a Collaborate Ultra area anyone enrolled on the module or organisation can access all of the recordings.
Recording from room menu

How do students find recordings?

Students find recordings from link that has been placed in the module, by switching to the recording menu as above. You can direct students to this guide if they cannot find the recording menu.

How do I share a recording with external guests?

It is only necessary to share a link to a recording when the session participants were not enrolled on the module/organisation. To do this, you will need to change the recording settings to enable public access.

Find the recording you'd like to share from the recording menu. From the action button (circle icon), select Recording settings and tick Allow public access. Save your changes. This will allow anybody with the link to view the recording.

Recording menu

Delete a recording

You can delete a recording from the Recordings menu. Click the action button next to the recording you need a remove, then click Delete. A message will appear to confirm you’d definitely like to delete the recording.

Add captions to a recording

You can upload a VTT caption file if you need to add or replace captions in a recording. Go the the Recordings panel, and select the Recording options for the relevant recording. Select Add caption source to upload a VTT file.