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Collaborate Ultra Room Types

Collaborate Ultra has three room types: Module, Session and Breakout. A room is where a Collaborate Ultra session takes place.

Finding your Collaborate Ultra Rooms

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra provides a room for every module which can be accessed via the Module's Control Panel (under the Module menu). Select Module Tools > Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. This will open the room for the module, and allow you to create sessions.

Note: It isn’t possible to restrict who has access to a room. When linking to a Collaborate Ultra area anyone enrolled on the module or organisation can access it, and any associated recordings.

Module Rooms

  • Module (Course) Rooms are always available as long as the module is available.
  • Each Minerva module has its own room.
  • All teaching staff on the module are automatically added as Moderators.

Suggested use: Virtual tutorials, Lecture Q&A, feedback and interactive activities requiring participation.

Session Rooms

Session Rooms need to be created by staff. Once created, they appear under the Module (course) Room.

Screenshot of a Blackboard Collaborate session list

Session Rooms can be created by Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Module Builders

Suggested use: Any collaboration activity requiring specific times, session settings and availability.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms are a special type of room as they can only be created within an existing Collaborate Ultra Room.

  • They are used for small group collaboration and can be created by any Room Moderator.
  • Moderators move Participants in and out of the Breakout rooms, or can apply a setting to allow participants to switch groups.

Watch a video about breakout groups

There's more information about settings up and using breakout rooms here.

Suggested use: Small group work collaboration.

Roles explained

  • Moderator - Moderators have additional capabilities within Collaborate Ultra, including the ability to control other participant's permissions (e.g. make them a moderator) or remove user’s from a room (apart from other Moderators).
  • Presenter - Presenters allow students to present in Collaborate Ultra without giving them full Moderator privileges. They can upload and share their content, as well as seeing raise hand notifications in order to answer questions other participants may have.
  • Participant - All students are automatically assigned the participant role. For student led sessions it is advisable to elevate their status and give them 'all permissions.' This will allow them to use all collaborate tools fully e.g. upload a powerpoint. If appropriate, you can give students the Moderator privilege. For further information on settings see the room options.
  • Captioner - This role can assist in making a Collaborate Ultra session more accessible by providing live captions to the session. The Moderator assigns this role if they’d like to use it.

Next Step

Once you have decided which room type to use, you need to review the Collaborate Ultra room options and then add a link so that your students can access the Collaborate Ultra Room.