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Collaborate Ultra setup examples

A collection of example room setups. Remember: Collaborate Ultra rooms are highly configurable!

For each of these example setups, you'll need to either use the Create Session or Edit Room functionality accessible from the Control Panel: Module Tools > Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Note: In this guide we only cover the settings needed to achieve the room set up required. For other room settings, see our Room Options guide.

Screenshot of a Blackboard Collaborate Tool Menu Screenshot of Edit Room/Create Session

Every Collaborate Ultra user should be encouraged to go the Test Room before first use, where they can test the connection, settings, and configure audio.

This is a room that all students on your module can access without a staff member needing to be present. They can use the Whiteboard, text, voice and video chat.

We recommend that you use the Create Session option for this type of room.

Session Information

  • Session Name - Add a name that will be obvious to your students
  • Under Event Details, select ‘no end’ to leave the session open for students to use throughout the module
  • Under Session Settings, adjust this Default Attendee Role to Moderator. This will allow students to share content and record the session if necessary. You may wish to let students know that recordings can be accessed by anyone enrolled on the module. For information on how to access recordings, take a look at our guide.

Once set up you need to link to the room in your module, explained in our link to rooms guide.

Save Whiteboard contents

If you have used the Whiteboard you may want to save the contents. As there is no save function, take a screenshot of the Whiteboard once you’ve finished (Windows: Use the Print Screen key, Mac: Use the Command+Shift+3 keys). Save this as an image, and reuse when necessary.

Use the eraser icon to delete the contents of the Whiteboard.