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What are Wikis?

Wikis are websites that allow you to create and edit pages in your web browser. These are simple wikis which allow your students to collaborate and build multifaceted websites within your module/organisation area.

Students can cooperatively write, critique and publish their work online, create shared knowledge bases for their module/organisation, upload multimedia, link to external websites, all without touching a website authoring program.

In Blackboard, you can turn a wiki into a challenging group work activity and use built in tools to assess student participation.

You can create two different types of Wiki:

  1. Module Wiki: This creates a Wiki to which all module members can add entries and comments
  2. Group Wiki: You can only create these when adding/editing Minerva Groups (using adaptive release rules won’t restrict access). When you create/edit a Minerva Group there is an option to create a Wiki for the Group

Create a Wiki

These are the instructions for creating a module Wiki. See the Groups section for a group Wiki.

In the Control Panel, click on Module Tools and then Wikis.

Module Tools > Wikis in the Control Panel

If you have already created Wikis for this module, they will appear here. Click on Create Wiki to create a new one.

The Create Wiki button
  • Availability: The Wiki will be created as available to students by default
  • Date and Time Restrictions: Enter a date and time if you wish to restrict the availability
  • Student Participation
    • Editing: Make the Wiki available for editing or closed if you want students to have a read only view
    • Comments: Enable/disable a students ability to make comments using the Closed/Open to Commenting options
  • Grade Settings: If you want to mark the Wiki, you can select the Grade option and enter points possible. This will create a column in the Grade Centre automatically. See the Grading section

Adding a Wiki link

Now you need to add a link to the Wiki so that your students can access it. There are two ways to add a Wiki link:

  1. Add a direct link to the module/organisation menu (this will show a list of all the Wikis you have created for the module)
  2. Add a link from a content area (e.g. Learning Resources)

1. Adding a Wiki link to the module/organisation menu

  • Select the + icon at the top left of the menu, then click Tool Link
  • Enter a relevant name e.g. Wikis
  • Choose Wikis from the dropdown menu
  • Ensure you check Available to Users so students will see the item
  • Click Submit
Adding a link to the Wikis page via the menu

2. Adding a link to a Content Area

  • From your module/organisation menu click on the relevant Content Area e.g. Learning Resources
  • Ensure that Edit Mode is switched ON from the top right of the screen, if it isn’t already
  • Select the Tools action link and click Wikis
Wikis listed in the Tools menu

Here you will be presented with two options:

a) Link to the Wikis Page - Add a link to the main Wiki listings page, any Wikis that have been added will be listed here.

  • To do this, select Link to the Wikis Page and click Next
  • Add a Link Name, any Text you want students to see, check the Options (note the link will be available by default, and you must check the Display after and Display until boxes if you choose Date restrictions) and then click Submit

Wikis can also be created from this page.

b) Link to a Wiki - Link to a single Wiki.

  • Select Link to a Wiki, select the relevant Wiki with the mouse and then click Next
  • The Link Name will be automatically populated with the Wiki name, as will the Text field if any instructions were added earlier, however you can change this if you wish. Check the Options (note the link will be available by default, and you must check the Display after and Display until boxes if you choose Date restrictions) and then click Submit

Students can now access the Wiki.


If you use the Groups tool in your module, you can also create a Wiki when setting up/editing the Groups. This method should be used if you only want certain students on your module to post to a Wiki.

Note that the interface doesn't allow you to check the settings when creating the Group. After you've created the Groups, go to the Control PanelModule ToolsWikis. Select the drop down menu and then Edit Properties next to the relevant Wiki and change any settings as relevant.

Editing Group Properties from the Groups page

Only members of a group can post to a group Wiki although other people on the module can view it unless this option is removed (from the Wiki's Settings).

Wiki page, an overview

Editing Group Properties from the Groups page

1 Create Wiki Page

Create a new page in the Wiki.

2 Participation Summary

View who has contributed to each page by Words Modified and Page Saves.

Students will see a similar page limited to their contribution named My Contribution.

If you have enabled grading you will see Participation and Grading instead of Participation Summary. See the grading section for further information.

3 Instructions

Any instructions added will be displayed here.

4 Edit Wiki Content

Click this button to edit the current page.

5 Comment(s)

Make a comment on the page and view any comments that have already been made.

6 Wiki Details

Basic statistics on the page.

7 Page listings

All pages in the Wiki are listed here, they can be modified using the action link to the right of their name.

Edit the Wiki settings

If you need to change settings after creation, go to the Control PanelModule Tools and then Wikis.

Select the drop down menu next to the relevant Wiki and select Edit Properties.

Edit Wiki settings from the drop down menu

Change settings as required and click Submit.

Note that you can delete Wikis from this page but remember this is the complete deletion of the Wiki including all of the students' entries. If you delete this content we won't be able to retrieve it. If you want to stop access to a Wiki, don't delete it, instead change the Wiki Date and Time Restrictions by editing the Wiki.

Participation Summary & Grading

Participation Summary

You can view and grade a Wiki member's contribution. From a Wiki page select the Participation Summary button, here you will see each member's contributions to the Wiki by Words Modified and Page Saves.

An overview of the Participation Summary page

Select the student name to see their contribution and any comparison of page versions.

Participant Contribution page listing the pages changes and version comparisons


When you create a Wiki, you have the option to enable Grading. You enter points and a column is automatically created for the item in the Grade Centre. You also need to consider when you want to be prompted to grade the item.

An overview of the grading options

You can grade the Wiki from the Wiki interface, enabling you to see the student's entries as you add any marks and feedback. Select Participation and Grading button when in a Wiki page. To view student contributions select the arrow beneath All in the Participation and Grading interface and click on the student you want to grade:

Show all arrow highlighted

This will show you all the contributors. If students have contributed you'll see a Needs Grading Flag:

A list of Wiki contributors

Alternatively you can click the left and right arrows to navigate through the contributors:

Left and right arrows highlighted

Click on the student's name and enter any marks/feedback:

Grade and Feedback interface

Remember to click Submit when you are finished.