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Add Announcement

Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information such as assignment information and exam schedules.

Go to the Announcements menu item and click Add Announcement.

The Add Announcement button

Information and Options

Enter the subject and text in the spaces provided.

Add the duration and any date restrictions. If selecting Date Restricted remember to add Display After/Until dates.

Date Restriction options

You can choose to send a copy of the announcement as an email to all enrolled users by selecting the checkbox. The email will be sent to all enrolled users from your email address (this can not be configured).

List of attached files and options


You can insert a link to content in your module (click Browse to open a module map). 


To post the announcement, click Submit at the top/bottom of the page.


You can reorder announcements using the drag and drop functionality. Those which appear above the grey bar remain at the top of the list after new announcements are posted.