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Guides for tools in modules are generally the same as for organisations.

Choose from the options below or search via theĀ A-Z list of guides.

Key module management processes.

Module access
How staff and student enrolments are managed, everything you need to know about enrolments, and module roles explained
Reusing content
Copy small amounts of content, whole modules and rollover explained
Module merge
Ideal for those delivering the the same teaching materials across several modules
Manage Access
Grant access to content based on rules, and see who has accessed what
Banner Image
Brand your module
Changing the module menu
Add/remove tools & content, reorder items and change the menu style
Control Panel
Access tools and change settings via the Control Panel
Guest access
Allow non enrolled staff and students access to modules/organisations
Module Availability
Make a module/organisation available to students
Student Preview
Student preview mode allows Instructors and Builders to view their module as if they were a real student
Reducing File Size
File compression