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Content Collection

The content collection is where all staff files uploaded to Minerva are stored. The content collection can be thought of as a hard drive space just like that on your personal computer, but permanently attached to Minerva and only accessible through Minerva.

It is organised in a very similar way to the hard disk on your computer: files are organised by folder, and are viewable and sortable much in the same way as files on your own computer. Here you can see a collection of folders and common application files:

File and folder structure

Most staff will rarely need to go into the content collection. Common cases where you may need to access the content collection are:

  • Having a file which is used across many Minerva modules
  • Uploading zip files

How the content collection is organised

The content collection is organised into four areas:

  • My Content - Not everyone will see this; it is an old area which is being phased out. If you can see it you can't add new content to this area. It has been left available as some modules have content erroneously stored here.
  • Module Content - All modules have a folder automatically created in this area. It is the default location for all files an folders added to a module.
  • UoL Content - This area is typically used to store module content in a hierarchical structure, with an emphasis on sharing content across modules/schools. You should continue to use this area if your module content management processes are heavily dependent on it, however we strongly encourage you to let Blackboard store your content in the Module Content area.
  • Organisation Content - This area is similar to the Module Content area. When you upload a file in your organisation Blackboard automatically stores it in the Organisation Content area.

Accessing the content collection

To see the whole of the content collection:

  • Log into Minerva
  • Click on the Files tab at the top right of the screen
  • You will see the content collection browser on the left hand side, and the content pane on the right.
Content Collection Structure

To see the content collection area of a specific module or organisation:

  • Go to your module or organisation
  • In the Control Panel, click Content Collection
  • Click the name of your module/organisation - this is usually the first link