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Content Collection - tracking file views

Turn on tracking to see who accessed a file and when.

Tracking in the content collection can be turned on for any file. Tracking information is not wiped from the system so as long as you leave tracking on, you'll be able to see who accessed the file since it was added. There are no graphs or calculations produced; you will simply see a list of who accessed the file and when. Once you turn tracking off, this data is wiped and cannot be retrieved.

To turn on tracking for a file, you must go to the Files tab and navigate to the file through this view. You cannot turn on tracking by going to the file via the module or organisation Control Panel.

Once you have navigated to the file, select the file's action link and then Edit Settings:

Edit Settings option

On the edit settings page, click Enable Tracking and Submit your changes.

Enable tracking option

To see who has viewed the file, return to the file in the Content Collection (now you can access it via the module Control Panel route if you prefer), select the item's action link and then Tracking (Enabled).

View tracking results