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Control Panel

The Control Panel provides instructors/leaders with access to the various features and tools available in Minerva.

How do I access the Control Panel?

You will see the Control Panel below the module/organisation menu. Features and tools can be accessed by expanding and collapsing sections.

Whatever tool you’re using you can always see the Control Panel and module/organisation menu from the same screen.

An overview of the Control Panel with expanded and collapsed sections


Content Collection

You can access different areas of the Content Collection (e.g. your School folder) and search for content you have permission to access.

Content Collection section of the Control Panel

Module Tools

This area contains tools which can be added to the module/organisation menu and administration links to tools such as TurnitinCollaborate Ultra, WikisBlogs, PodcastsTests & Surveys. As a default you will see Staff Profiles & Announcements in modules and Announcements in organisations.

Module Tools with each rool listed in alphabetical order

Evaluation & Grading


Monitor students' progress using the, Performance Dashboard & the Retention Centre. Module/Organisation and SCORM reports are also accessed here.

Evaluation in the Control Panel

Grade Centre

You can see what content needs marking, view the Grade Centre by Blackboard assignments or tests, and see an overview of all Grade Centre items.

Grade Centre in the Control Panel

Users & Customisation

Users & Groups

Here you create and manage groups. You can also see who is enrolled on your module/organisation and enrol users as students/participants, see the enrolment guide for more information.

Users and Groups in the Control Panel


Make the module/organisation available to Guests, using Properties andmake it available to enrolled students/participants.

Customise in the Control Panel

Packages & Utilities

In this section you can:

  • Make a snapshot of the module/organisation at any particular time using the Export/Archive function. Minerva is also automatically backed up for emergencies.
  • You can also import content from third party content providers.
  • Copy content between modules/organisations you are enrolled on as an instructor/leader.
Packages & Utilities in the Control Panel


Here you will find a link to contact the IT Service Desk.