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Manual enrolments

Official enrolments for both staff and students who are teaching/studying modules must come through Banner (the student administration system).


The Student Education Service representative in your School should be able to help with Banner enrolments, if you don't have one contact your Banner super user or Minerva Faculty Support contact who can arrange for Banner to be updated. You will need to fill in a Access to Modules form and give this to the person updating Banner in your School.

In exceptional circumstances, when your Minerva Faculty Support contact confirms that students cannot be enrolled via Banner, module Instructors can give people Student access to their modules. See the section on enrolling users.


PhD student access as a member of staff

PhD students who are being paid to teach need a staff username from IT linked to a staff payroll number (ID) for their enrolment to come through from Banner. Using their payroll number in Banner won’t work if there’s no University username linked to it. If the student is not being paid or if you’re having problems setting this up, contact your Faculty Minerva Contact or the IT Service Desk for help.

Further information

See the roles guide for further information on Banner and how it integrates with Minerva.

The FAQ page has further information on enrolments.


Student enrolments

Students should be enrolled automatically onto Faculty, School, Programme & Personal Tutor Organisations. In some cases (mainly with bespoke organisations) it may be necessary to enrol students manually as participants (student view). For small numbers of enrolments (less than 20), see the section on enrolling users.

If you have large numbers (above 20) contact your Minerva Faculty Support contact or the IT Service Desk requesting a batch enrolment for an organisation. You should provide the University usernames and organisation ID as an email attachment using the batch enrolment spreadsheet below. Please ensure the spreadsheet retains the CSV (comma delimited) format.

The organisation ID can be found by selecting Users and Groups from the Control Panel, then select Users and Find Users to Enrol. The organisation ID is displayed at the top of the frame next to Add Enrolments:

Example of an organisation ID

Batch Enrolment Spreadsheet

Example of batch enrolment spreadsheet formatting

Staff enrolments

If you need to enrol staff with editing rights, contact your Minerva Faculty Support contact or the IT Service Desk requesting help with a manual staff enrolment for an organisation. We would recommend the Assistant role for most staff who need edit rights, there is also a Leader role for the person in charge of the Organisation. The Assistant and Leader roles are almost identical, there is more information about roles in our roles guide.

If you have large numbers or enrolments (more than 20), please send us a spreadsheet (as described for student enrolments above).

How to enrol users

To enrol a user, from the Control Panel click Users and Groups, then Users.

An image of the USsers and Groups section of the Control Panel

Then select Find Users to Enrol.

The Find Users to Enrol button

By University username

The quickest way to enrol someone is by University username, multiple users can be separated using a comma.

The Enrol Users page

Search for users

You can also search for users by clicking Browse (a new window should open) and entering their First Name/Last Name/Username/Email, then select Go. Use the check boxes to select the appropriate users(s) and click Submit.

A returned user search

Now click Submit again to enrol the user(s). An on screen confirmation should appear.


The user xxxxx is either already enrolled or has a disabled enrolment. Contact the IT Service Desk if you need assistance. 

If you see the message above when attempting to enrol a student this means they are blocked from the module due to their history on Banner (e.g. changed programme/changed to resit without teaching). To resolve this, please tell the IT Service Desk that the student is studying the module unofficially but you cannot enrol them manually in Minerva.

Removing manual enrolments

If you manually enrol a user in error and need to remove their enrolment please contact the IT Service Desk stating their IT username(s) and the module/organisation name or ID.