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Make content available to guests

You can make certain content available to guests if you'd like other University of Leeds staff and students to see content within your module/organisation. Guest availability requires the user to have a current valid login to Minerva (a University username).

Guest access has to be configured in three areas within your module/organisation:

Step 1

Guest enable a Module/Organisation

From the Control Panel select Customisation and Guest Access.

Guest Access in the Control Panel

Then set Allow Guest Access to Yes and click Submit.

Allow Guest Access selected

Step 2

Content Area and Tools

Select Tool Availability from the Customisation section of the Control Panel.

Tool Availability in the Control Panel

Check that the Tool Content Area is Visible to Guests (there should be a tick in the check box). In most modules/organisations this should be selected by default. If the checkbox 'Visible to Guests' is empty select it with your mouse and click Submit.

You can also enable guest access for some tools from this page (e.g. Announcements & Staff Information), but not all tools can be guest enabled. Those which can't be guest enabled are indicated with the no entry icon No entry icon.

An overview of the content area and tool availability options in the Tool Availabilty page

Step 3

Menu Items

You will need to add guest access for each content area menu item in the module/organisation you want guests to access.

Make sure Edit Mode is ON.

Select the action link to the right of the content area name e.g. Learning Resources, then from the dropdown list click Permit guests.

Permit Guests to access a content area

Files added directly to the Content Collection

Menu Items

Any files added directly through a module/organisation (e.g. Add item/file by browsing from your computer) will automatically have guest permissions applied to them if you follow steps 1 to 3. However if you link to content already stored on the content collection and link to it in your module/organisation you will also need to change permissions to allow all University Staff/Students to view them (see the Content Collection - Modifying Access guide).