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Further Info

Copy items/folders

This functionality can be used to copy single items or folders between modules and organisations.

For guidance on copying large amounts of content at once see the module copy guide.

The following content types either can't or shouldn't be copied between modules/organisations:

  • Assignments
  • Blogs, Journals, Tests & Surveys - links can't be copied. Empty blogs & journals tools can be copied as part of module copy.
  • Wikis - Can be copied as part of module copy.
  • Podcasts - Can't be copied
  • SCORM packages
  • Turnitin Assignments

Before you begin, ensure you are enrolled on both the source and destination module (all roles apart from Grader and Student can copy).

Step 1

Go to the source module and locate the item/folder you want to copy. Ensure that Edit Mode is switched ON from the top right of the screen, if it isn’t already. Select the action link to the right of the item name, and click Copy.


Copying a folder will copy all of the content within it, this includes the content types listed above. If the folder contains any of the above content types you will need to delete them from the destination module after the copy is complete.

Copy in the Action Link menu

Step 2

Select which module you wish to copy the item to (the drop down list will include all the modules and organistions you are enrolled on).

The destination module options

Click Browse, a new window will open with a map of the destination module, select the appropriate folder. The window will close.

The destination folder will include the content you just selected.

Module map

File Links*

  • Include links and make copies of attached and embedded files - It is recommended that you select this option.
  • Copy links to attached and embedded files - You should only select this option if you want to take a copy of the link but not the file. However this can cause issues if the content that is linked is deleted from the host module.


Regardless of the 'File Links' choice made if you copy any file within the same module it will only recreate the file link, and not make an additional copy of the file itself.

Now click Submit

You will see an on screen confirmation:

On screen confirmation: Success: Item copied

Navigate to the item to check the copy has been successful. Check the item's settings, e.g. you may need to re-add adaptive release rules.


You can also move content within and between modules. You will typically use this functionality if you want to reorganise a module structure or have added content in the wrong place.

To do this, select the action link to the right of the item name, and click Move.

Moving content

Select the Destination Module as relevant and the Destination Folder (this includes menu items). Select Submit. You should see an online confirmation that the move has succeeded.