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Managing Content

Adaptive Release, Review, User Progress, Item Statistics

These functions can help you deliver bespoke content to your students and assist in monitoring progress and participation.

An overview of the four functions:

Adaptive release
Restrict who can view the item/when the item can be viewed.
When enabled students see a button which they click to confirm they have reviewed the item.
User progress
View who can see/who has reviewed the item. (Go to the Performance Dashboard for full module/organisation information by student).
Item statistics
Turn on by item to give data about who has viewed the link of the item and when (this does not mean the item was opened/clicked).

All functions can be accessed by selecting the action link next to individual content items.

A list of content item options

Adaptive release

Select Adaptive release from the item's action link. You can restrict access by date, membership, Grade Centre item and review status.


Set the appropriate date(s), and remember to click Display After or Display Until as relevant.


Restrict by username: enter a username or click Browse to find someone.

Restrict by group: If you have groups set up, highlight the group(s) and move to the right column using the arrow.

A group highlighted


Release content based on completion of a different item in the Grade Centre. Use the drop down menu to select the item. Then either leave as 'User has at least one attempt' or create criteria based on score achieved.

Review status

Select that an item can only be viewed once a second item has been marked 'reviewed' by a student. Browse for the item you want to have reviewed first.

Adaptive release - advanced

This contains the same features as Adaptive Release but allows you to set up multiple rules for an item. Go to Adaptive Release - Advanced from the item's action link. There you can see any rules which you have already set up and add new ones.

To add a new rule, click on Create Rule, add an appropriate name and then set criteria using the drop down menu/Review status. Rules are set up in the same way as described in the adaptive release section. Rules can also be modified and removed on this screen.


Select Set Review Status from the item's action link. Select Enable and click Submit.

After review status is enabled students will see the button as below on the screen next to the relevant item.

Mark Reviewed button

Track who has reviewed items via User Progress or the Performance Dashboard.

User progress

Select User Progress from the item's action link. This will open a table as below showing who can see an item and who has reviewed the item if relevant.

Each student's review status of the item

Go to the Performance Dashboard for full module/organisation information by student.

Statistics tracking

Go to Statistics Tracking from the item's action link enable it and Submit. To view statistics, select the item’s action link again and then View Statistics Report.

Select the drop down menu for Content Usage Statistics and then Run. Select the appropriate download format (PDF, HTML, Excel or Word) and date(s). Don't select any users if you want a report for all (including staff). To select individual users, highlight them whilst holding the Ctrl key.

Reporting options

Then click Submit

Statistics are also available at module/organisation level for content areas and certain tools. See the Module/Organisation Reports guide