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Module/Org Menu

Where is the module/organisation menu?

When you view your module/organisation, you will see the menu in the left frame.

If it is a brand new module/organisation, a default menu will be set up for you. If a module was taught in Minerva last year, any additional items you've added to the menu in last year's module will copy across as part of rollover. They will appear below the default menu structure.

Edit/Add to the menu

How do I add a new item to the menu?

  1. If the existing menu items are not appropriate, add a new menu item by selecting the + icon at the top left of the menu. Then add one of the following options:
    • Content Area - Blank content area where you can add items and tools etc.
    • Blank Page - A blank page with a text box editor which presents information on a single page.
    • Tool Link - Link directly to a tool e.g. Discussion Board.
    • Module/Organisation Link - Link to a content area/item.
    • External Link - Add a link to a web resource/site.
    • Subheader - Organise the menu into named sections (for Modules please use the subheaders as on the Module template).
    • Divider - Split the menu into sections using a horizontal rule.
    Subheaders and dividers are for visual purposes only and can't be used as links.
  2. Follow the on screen options. Ensure you check Available to Users so students will see the item.
  3. The item will appear at the bottom of the list, for modules, move it so it is in the appropriate section (Information, Learning, Assessment, Help.)

Adding an item to the menu by selecting the + icon

Modifying the menu

Reordering items

Drag and drop functionality means you can quickly organise menu items using your mouse. To reposition an item select the up/down bar to the left of its name, hold down the mouse button and move the item up/down. For modules, please keep the default menu items in the same order as on the new module template.

Using the up/down bar to reposition an item


Please do not rename menu items which appear on the new module template. To rename other items, select the action link to the right of the item name, and then click Rename, enter a new name, then click the tick sign.

Rename a link

Hide/Show Link

The default menu items are available to students by default apart form Collaboration in modules. Make sure that when you add a new menu item, you check Available to Users so students can see it.

To show/hide an item select the action link to the right of the item name, then click Hide/Show Link.

Hide an item from the action link menu


Please do not remove menu items which appear on the new module template. If you will not use a menu item e.g. Media as there is no lecture capture, we advise you to hide the menu item link as described above.

To remove, select the action link to the right of the item name, and then click Delete.

Delete an item from the action link menu

Deleting tool links will only remove the link; the content will still exist and can be linked to again in the future.

Empty content area menu items

Content area menu items that are left empty will be hidden from students. This only applies to content areas; all other unused menu items i.e. tool links, will still be displayed to students.

Hide the menu

To view more content on screen you can hide the module menu. To hide the menu place your mouse to the right of it, an arrow will appear, clicking this will hide the menu. To show the menu place your mouse at the far left of the screen, an option will appear to show the menu.

An example of hiding and showing a module menu

If you want to see your module from a student's perspective, use the student preview function.