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Merged Modules

Merged modules group two or more modules on Minerva to create a new instance which includes all of the original modules' enrolments.

What are the advantages of using merged modules?

Every module with a unique Course Reference Number (CRN) in Banner has a module area created in Minerva. If you teach the same material on a module which is separated into different CRNs on Banner, using the module merge facility may save you time as you will only need to maintain one Minerva module area.

Module links in the Portal will point to 'merged' modules as long as the original modules are unavailable to students.

What are the disadvantages of using merged modules?

To avoid confusion, relevant staff need to be aware that there is a new module so that they know where to add content.

Can organisations be merged?

Yes, both modules and orgs can be merged.

Request a merge

Contact your Minerva Faculty support contact or Minerva Support via the IT Service Desk providing the names/codes of the modules/organisations you would like merging.