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Module/Org copy

The module/organisation copy is ideal for copying large amounts of content e.g. an entire menu item such as Learning Resources.

Some types of content can cause problems when copied, we recommend that these along with any interactive content e.g. blogs, wikis, journals & discussion boards are not copied or are removed after copying. A full list is provided below:

Copied as part of content areas but should be removed
  • Turnitin Assignments - won't be scheduled to the right students
  • Links to Blogs, Wikis, Journals & Discussion board - Will be copied even if the tool isn't. They should be removed from the destination if you don't copy the relevant tool(s).
  • SCORM packages
  • Podcasts - They don't play for students in the destination module
Copies but requires action
  • Online Course Readings (OCR) - these are uploaded by the library. Links will not work for students in the destination module. Contact who will sort out the necessary permissions.
Shouldn't/Can't be copied
  • Announcements
  • Assignment (Blackboard tool) - can't be copied
  • Blogs/Journals/Wikis/Discussion Board Forums & Postings (some posts will copy)
  • Grade Centre content (entries and results) - can't be copied

Before you begin, ensure you are enrolled on both the source and destination module (all roles apart from Grader and Student can copy).

To copy a single item or folder see the Copying Items guide.

Step 1

Go to the source module. In the Control Panel select Packages and Utilities, and then Module Copy.

Module Copy from Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel

Step 2

Select the destination module

From Select Copy Options click Browse.

The browse to destination module ID button

A new window will open. The modules you are enrolled on will be listed, select the appropriate module for the list and click Submit. The window will close.

If you are enrolled on many modules you may want to use the search functionality.

A new window with the module to be selected highlighted

Step 3

Copy options

The Destination module ID will include the module you just selected.

Copying multiple tests

To copy multiple test select only 'Tests, Surveys and Pools'. For information on copying individual test see the Tests guide.

Select the content you want to copy (remember not to select content which shouldn't be copied as mentioned above):

A list of the content types that can be copied

Bear in mind Settings > Availability refers to the availability of your module to students so in most cases this is not something you should elect to copy.

File attachments

Then select how to copy content:

  • Copy links to Module Files - This is not recommended.
  • Copy links and copies of the content - Recommended for most users.
  • Copy links and copies of the content (include entire module home folder) - If you have files added to your module content collection which aren't all linked (such as HTML packages) you should use this option.
File attachment options

Don't copy enrolments as these are controlled by Banner.

Then click Submit.

You will see the following on screen confirmation:

Module copy receipt - Module copy action queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.

You will also receive an email once the copy has completed.

Step 4

It is important that you check the module you have copied into thoroughly:

  • Copies of Turnitin Assignments should be deleted and re-created so they are scheduled to the right students.
  • Remove any links to Blackboard Blogs, Wikis or Journals - links to these sometimes copy, even though the item itself isn't copied.
  • You should check settings as some will not carry over such as module settings (e.g. guest access).
  • Tests/Surveys will have copied but will need to be re-deployed so students can see the them.
  • Remove any copied Podcasts and re-add them if necessary.