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Module Reports

Reports produce statistics on module/organisation usage. They give data on how many times content areas (e.g. Learning Resources) and some Minerva tools (e.g. Discussion Board) were accessed.

Minerva offers three ways of gathering/viewing statistics:

Module/Organisation Reports
They give an overview of how often students are accessing your module/organisation and the areas they visit. Reports are available automatically.
Item-Specific Statistics
Item-specific statistics record how often the link to a specific item (e.g. a document) is displayed (they do not record how often a document is opened). They have to be turned on for each item. Read the item statistics guide for more information.
Content Collection File Tracking
Turn on tracking per file in the Content Collection to see who accessed a file and when. Read the Content Collection guide for more information.

Run a report

To access reports, go to the module/organisation Control Panel select Evaluation and then Module Reports.

Module Reports in the Control Panel

Select the appropriate report type, you will see a description below the report name. Select the action link for the report you want and click Run.

Selecting a report - All User Activity Inside Content Area

Select the report format

Select the appropriate download format (PDF, HTML, Excel or Word) and date(s). Don't select any users if you want a report for all (including staff). To select individual users, highlight them whilst holding the Ctrl key.

Then click Submit

Reporting options