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Module & Org Roles

Module roles

Enrolments on modules are controlled by Banner (the Student Information System).

When a member of staff or student is associated with a module on Banner, they are automatically given a role for that particular module on Minerva. Students enrolled on a module in Banner will always be given the Student role. For staff there are different module roles which have different levels of access. The Banner SIAASGN code will determine what Minerva module role the member of staff is given.

The six module roles on Minerva are:

Module Role Banner (SIAASGN) code
Instructor ACAD/MMAN
Teaching Assistant TASS
Module Builder ADMN
Grader PDIR
Student N/A
Guest N/A


If you cannot see modules or do not have the access you need, please contact the Student Education Service representative in your School, if you don't have one contact the Banner super user or Minerva Faculty Support contact who can arrange for Banner to be updated.

In exceptional circumstances, when your Minerva Faculty Support contact confirms that people cannot be enrolled via Banner, module Instructors can enrol people as students on their modules. Please see the Enrolling Students on your Module guide. If you think someone needs to be manually enrolled on a module with a role other than student, please talk to your Minerva Faculty Support contact.

See the relevant section in the enrolments guide for information on how PhD students can get staff access to modules.

Organisation roles

Staff access to Faculty, School, Programme & bespoke organisations is managed manually on request. Student access to Faculties, Schools & Programmes is automated based on information held in Banner and bespoke organisation access is managed manually. The enrolments guide will take you through the process involved.

All students will be enrolled as participants.

Further information on organisations can be found in the organisations guide.

Organisation Roles
Organisation Builder

Role Privileges


This role has full access to the module or organisation. For example, this role can:

  • change all parts of the module/organisation
  • view and mark all students' submissions (e.g. assignments, tests and surveys)
  • change all module settings
  • create and access collaborate teaching spaces
  • add users with student or participant access*


Students who need to be officially enrolled on a module should always be added via Banner.

Teaching Assistant

This role has the same permissions as Instructor. There should be a limited number of Instructors per module; with everyone else enrolled as Teaching Assistants.

Module/Organisation Builder

This role can change all parts of the module or organisation and change settings but cannot view or mark students' submissions (including Turnitin assignments).


This role can view or mark students' submissions (e.g. assignments, tests and surveys) but cannot change any part of the module/organisation or the settings.


This is the role which is given to all students. They can view and participate in the module or organisation but cannot access the Control Panel (meaning therefore that they cannot view other students’ submissions or marks).


This role is unlikely to be needed. People can be enrolled as a guest on a module but, for them to see anything, the majority of the module has to be opened up to all University of Leeds Blackboard users. If you wish to open up your module to guests, please speak to your Minerva Faculty Support contact.