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Themes & Menu colours

Module Themes

Customise the look and feel of your module with Module Themes.

Module Themes are a quick way to make your module visually more interesting. Change the theme by selecting the Change Module Theme icon next to Edit Mode is ON/OFF:

Image of theme selectors

Themes are grouped by colour, design, season, structure and subject.


Themes are restricted to modules and aren't available in organisations.

Theme Previews

You can also change and see a thumbnail preview of each theme from Control Panel > Customisation > Style page.

Image of the theme thumbnail previews

From the Module Theme section of the page select the appropriate theme and click Submit to apply.

Menu colour and style

Module menu colours are automatically updated in line with theme selection. You may wish to customise the menu colour and style.

To edit the module menu colour, select the Customisation link from the Control Panel, then select Style.

The default setting for Select Menu Style is text. We recommend that you use the text menu as this is the most accessible option. Always consider users with visual impairment when choosing your menu styles.

To change the background colour select the action link, choose an appropriate colour with your mouse and then click Apply. Repeat this step to select the menu text colour.

Image of menu style options

Once you have finished, click Submit to make the changes.