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What are they?

Organisations are almost identical to modules in Minerva.

The main differences are the default menu layout and the terminologies used for enrolled users. The roles guide provides a detailed breakdown of module and organisation roles including associated permissions. You can use the same tools and content types that are available in modules.

Below you can see a default module menu on the left, and on the right a default organisation menu.

Example of a default module and organisation menu

Default module and organisation menus

What is their purpose?

Organisations can be used for any learning and teaching purpose that isn’t already covered by an existing Minerva module. Examples include Faculties, Schools & Programmes of study. Minerva can also create a bespoke organisation for you on request.

How can I access an organisation?

Minerva homepage lists the organisations you are enrolled on, these are separated into groups by the role you have on the organisation. The enrolment process for organisations differs depending upon the organisation type.

Organisation types

Faculties, School & Programmes of Study

Faculties and Schools are automatically generated, Programmes of Study will be generated by Minerva Support on request via the IT Service Desk. When requesting a programme if possible please provide the name as displayed in Banner and the programme code, this information helps us with generating the correct organisation.

Students are automatically enrolled on these based on their record in Banner (student administration system). Staff requiring leader and assistant access can request this through their Minerva Faculty Support contact or via the IT Service Desk. Once enrolled as a leader/assistant you will be able to manually enrol further participants using their University username.

Bespoke organisations

Bespoke organisations can be requested through your Minerva Faculty Support contact or the IT Service Desk. Let us know what you would like to use it for and what you would like it to be called. We will need the University usernames of any staff members that require staff level access. All enrolments will be manually managed and once enrolled you will be able to manually enrol participants using their University username.

If you require 20 or more participants enrolling at one time see the enrolment guide.

Removing enrolments

For most organisations this will be done automatically, but if you want to remove enrolments that were added manually please see the enrolment guide.