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Grades in Minerva

Accessing your grades

Your tutors may add a link to your results for Minerva assessments.

If they have done this, you will typically see a link to My Grades (or something similar), usually on the module menu.


Grades in Minerva are not necessarily an indication of your final grades for the module. In general, only tests and assignments conducted through Minerva appear in Minerva grade centre. Grades and percentages may only be indicative of performance, and may not represent a final score. Displayed grades will not include results for exams, for example.


When you click on the link, you will see a page similar to this:

An overview of the My Grades page with each assessed item, grade and comment where made

Your tutors decide which tests/assignments are included so you might not see everything here.

If items you are expecting to see are missing, make sure your view isn't filtered; ensure All is selected in the top left.

Filtering the view of My Grades


As well as marks, your tutors may return feedback here. They may add comments. When these are available you'll see a comment icon:

Comments in My Grades

However, for some types of assessment you may need to click on the assessment name and follow links to see feedback.

Accessing other feedback in My Grades


If your tutor has given online feedback for Turnitin assignments you will need to click on the assignment name and then the icon next to My Paper.

The My Paper icon

Once the Turnitin paper opens, you need to click on Grademark (top left) to see online comments. Toggle the icons in the bottom right of the screen to make sure you see all available feedback. There may be inline comments throughout your paper, a general comment, a voice comment or rubric information. 

Turnitin document view with the comments button highlighted