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Important tests should be taken with a wired connection.


Read the eAssessment survival guide first to avoid common pitfalls.

If you encounter any problems during your test, please contact the IT Service Desk immediately. Take screenshots where you can to capture errors.

To begin, find your test in Minerva (if you can't find it, your tutor should be able to advise). Click on the link to proceed:

Click on test tool link

Once you click on the test link, you will see all the test information. Read it carefully:

Test information

Note the following:

  • If force completion is turned on, you must complete your attempt before leaving the test. So only click Begin if you're ready to do the test.
  • If there is a timer it will start and will continue running until you click Save and Submit. If you save your answers and return later, you will notice that the timer has continued to run in your absence.
  • There is an auto-submit feature. This is used with the Timer option. If auto-submit is enabled, when the time limit is reached the test will submit automatically. You will see warnings to indicate how much time is left.

When you ready to start, click Begin:

Begin the test

As you take the test, answers are saved periodically automatically. Click on Question Completion Status across the top of the test and you will see which answers have been saved. In the image below the first answer has been saved:

Question completion status

However, for an important test we recommend manually saving every 10-15 minutes as well:

Save manually

If you are intentionally leaving a test which you can return to later, also save your answers then to ensure nothing is lost.

If a timer is running on your test, this information shows at the top of the test:

Timer information

Once you have finished your assessment, remember to click Save and Submit:

Save and Submit

Depending on the test and the settings, you may see results immediately on completion. If this is not the case, your tutor should advise when they are available. Results can either be seen by returning to the test or via My Grades if this tool is used in your module.