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Submit a Turnitin paper

Turnitin is a submission service designed to detect and prevent plagiarism and support online grading. Read the eAssessment survival guide first to avoid common pitfalls.

If you encounter any problems during the submission process, please contact the IT Service Desk immediately.

Safari issue

Safari browser users occasionally have problems submitting to Turnitin. Read our blog post for further information.

Multiple browser tabs issue

Avoid opening multiple Turnitin assignments simultaneously. This may result in submitting to the wrong assignment.

How do I submit / access feedback?

To ensure you don’t experience issues when accessing Turnitin we recommend Chrome (installed on the student desktop) or Firefox. On a Mac, use Safari. Stay up to date with the latest versions.

The file size limit per assignment is 100MB (2MB for text only files), and no greater than 800 pages in length. If your file is larger than this, see the guide on Compressing Files.

Your tutor may tell you which type of file they expect you to submit, however for typical essay and report type assignments we recommend submitting as PDF.

Normally, Turnitin will also accept the following file types:

  • MS Word (.doc/.docx)
  • Excel
  • WordPerfect (.wpd)
  • PostScript (.ps/.eps)
  • HTML
  • RTF (.rtf)
  • OpenOffice (.odt)*
  • plain text (.txt)
  • PDF (see our blog post for guidelines on PDF generation as not all are accepted by Turnitin)
  • Hangul (HWP)
  • PowerPoint & Google Drive's docs format are accepted and converted to PDF on submission.

* Open Office Text: Turnitin will not accept .odt files created and downloaded from Google Docs online, or ".doc" files created using OpenOffice.

A workaround to the issues above is to save the file as a text based PDF.

If you have not been told to submit any particular format the best choice is PDF.

Please also see the filename guidelines for characters which should not be included in the name of your file.

Find your Turnitin assignment (your tutor should tell you where it is).

Select the View/Complete link.

View/Submit Turnitin link

The Turnitin assignment area will open. Here you can see the due date. There is also a post date which is relevant if your tutor posts marks/comments online using Turnitin. If they do, this is when your marked paper will be available.

First view further assignment information by placing your mouse over the information icon.

Further information icon

You will see something similar to the below:

Example further instructions for the assignment

When ready to submit, select the submit icon.

The submit button

Submit your assignment

The submission area will now open. You can submit an assignment using either the file upload from your computer or Cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive) or cut & paste options available from the drop down list. Always ensure your file has successfully saved on your computer by saving and then closing the file before attempting to upload it.

Pay Attention while Submitting

When submitting you need to: select the file, confirm the file, then wait for the receipt. You have not finished until you see a Turnitin receipt and Paper ID on screen.

File upload

The submission area will open by default for file upload submissions.

  1. Select the single file upload option if not already selected (your name should be filled in automatically). It isn't possible to upload multiple files.
The submission page
  1. Add a submission title for the paper, and make sure you follow any instructions provided by your department
  2. If you are unsure if your file type is accepted, select 'What can I submit?' below the Submission title field for clarification.
  3. Read the information about Academic Integrity
  4. You have three options for uploading files: A file on your computer or upload from your personal Dropbox or Google Drive:
    • Browse to your computer, locate and open the file you wish to upload
    • For files on your personal Dropbox, sign into your Dropbox account if asked, then select the file you wish to upload and click 'Choose'
    • For files on your personal google Drive, sign into your Google drive account if asked, then select the file you wish to upload and click 'Select'
Browse for your file to upload
  1. Click upload
  2. Interface showing file to be uploaded
  3. You will be presented with a formatted version of your paper (click on it to see a bigger version) and will be asked to confirm the submission. Check it is the correct submission. Ensure you click Confirm.
  4. A preview of the file about to be submitted requesting confirmation of the submission
  5. Wait until submission is confirmed with an on screen receipt. Write down the submission ID.
  6. On screen confirmation

Cut & paste

Change to the cut and paste option

In some scenarios you may wish to use the cut and paste option.

  1. Select the cut & paste option (your name should be filled in automatically)
  2. Add a submission title for the paper
  3. Paste in the text
  4. Click Upload
  5. Wait until submission is confirmed with an on screen receipt. Write down the submission ID.

Keep a copy of your submission

Keep an electronic copy of your submitted paper in a safe place in case there is a problem with the submission.

Check your submission

When the paper has been successfully submitted, you will see the following message or something similar. Note the submission ID - this is unique to your submission.

Unique paper id on screen

Email receipt

When the paper has been successfully submitted you will also receive an email confirmation receipt including the date and time of your submission and paper title. This will be sent to your University of Leeds email account. Keep this email somewhere safe. If you do not receive the email receipt, it is essential that you check your submission was successful as described below.

Viewing the digital receipt and checking your submission

You can check that you have submitted successfully by returning to the assignment area, your digital receipt will be stored here.

To download a copy of your digital receipt as a PDF click on the download icon, then select digital receipt.

Download your receipt
Example of a receipt


Only the first part of your submission will be included here, to view the the full submission follow the steps below.

The full paper can be viewed online by clicking the View button. Note that during busy periods it can take up to an hour for your submission to be fully formatted.

Viewing your submission

If you want to see your submission in its original format, click on the download icon, and select originally submitted format.

View marks/feedback

If your tutor has used Turnitin to grade your paper and/or provide feedback, you can access this by selecting the View/Complete link for the assignment, and then the View button.

View the online paper with feedback/grades.

Once the Turnitin paper opens, feedback should automatically load. There may be feedback to the right of your paper (via comments or a rubric):

Viewing your feedback

If you cannot see this feedback section, click on the feedback icon:

Feedback icon

You may have feedback entered directly onto your paper - you may see text inserted or a comment icon to click:

Comments directly on paper

If required, there is a download with feedback option available, select the download icon and then Current View:

Download icon

Video demo


Best viewed in full screen at 720p. Audio is available or select Closed Caption icon for captions.

Submit a Turnitin assignment

Get your digital receipt