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Using Blogs/Journals

What are Blogs/Journals?

Blogs and Journals typically have two parts: entries (text, images, links etc added by individuals) and comments (responses to entries by other students/staff). Entries appear in a reverse chronological list, with newer entries appearing at the top.

A Blog is typically created for an individual or a module. You will always be able to see other people's entries on the Blog and they can see yours. If your tutor sets up Minerva Groups you may have a Group Blog. All members of the Group can add and see each other's entries, non members may be able to view and comment, depending on how your tutor has set it up. The icon for a Blog looks like this:

Blogs icon

In Minerva, Journals are typically set up for an individual - only you can make entries in your Journal. Depending on how the Journal has been set up, other students on the module may be able to view your entries. If your tutor uses Minerva groups you may have a Group Journal which will be private to your group. The icon for a Journal looks like this:

Blogs icon

Tutors will be able to view any entries on any type of Blog/Journal.

Add entries

Click Create Blog/Journal Entry to add your entry: 

An overview of the Create Blog page

Use the icons in the content editor to add URLs/images or to format your text. Attach files under the content editor by using the Browse My Computer button

The attach file dialogue showing the Browser My Computer button

Click Post Entry when you are finished.

The Post Entry button


If you are not ready to post your entry, you can select Save Entry as Draft and post later. 

Save an Entry as Draft button

When to save

It is also advisable to save a draft if you are writing your entry for over 2 hours - your Minerva session will time out after 3 hours and work will be lost.

To return to your draft click View Drafts. This will list all of your drafts with options to continue editing/post.

View Drafts button

Edit/delete entries

You may be able to change entries - it depends on what settings your tutor selected when creating the Blog or Journal. Use the drop down menu next to your entry to select Edit/Delete.

Edit an entry from the entry dropdown menu

View other people's entries

In a Module Blog you will see all entries together. In an Individual Blog you will see your own by default. To view entries by an individual (for all types of Blog) you need to click on the arrow under your name in the right pane: 

Arrow under your name

Then you'll see who else has entries which you're allowed to view:

A list of contributors

The process is the same for Journals, although these are often private to the individual.

Entries are indexed so make sure you use the index in the table or you may miss older entries:

List of blofg entries


Sometimes you can also comment on pages. Click the Comment button from the bottom right of the page to enter your comment: 

The Comment button