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The basics

No, but it is recommended that you use either Chrome or Firefox to access sessions in order to use the full feature set of Collaborate Ultra. Read more about browser support here.
Your tutor should provide a link to the session in a module or organisation.
Make sure you have set up the audio equipment that you’d like to use, and that the levels are satisfactory. You can read the guide on getting started with audio.

Also note that the maximum number of simultaneous speakers is often limited in a session, and you may need to wait until others have turned off their microphones before being able to speak.


By default students are typically participants on Collaborate Ultra sessions - participants cannot give a presentation. If you want to use Collaborate Ultra to present, a member of staff will need to set up a Collaborate Ultra session for you and assign you the appropriate permissions.


Your tutor should have added a link to the session in your module. This will typically be in the module menu under the heading Collaborate.


Moderators can assign you manually or reassign all participants. 'Raise your hand' in the session to get the attention of a Moderator.


For the best experience use the most recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox. IE 11 is not supported. A full list of supported browsers is available Blackboard help pages.