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Using Wikis

What are Wikis?

Wikis allow you to create and edit pages in your web browser. You will be able to view and edit other Wiki members' contributions and create new pages of your own. A Wiki is typically used for students to work collaboratively to create documents or even entire websites.

If your tutor has added a Wiki, it may be called 'Wiki' in your learning resources or module menu. If you are not sure - ask them. The icon for a Wiki looks like this: 

Wikis icon


Create a Homepage

The first person to access the Wiki will be prompted to create a 'homepage' where all content/pages will be linked from.

Enter a Name (this is required) and using the text box editor add any Content you wish to be displayed on the homepage e.g. an introduction to the Wiki and it's purpose.

An overview of the Create Wiki page

Click Submit to add the page.

Create additional pages

Subsequent pages can be created using the Create Wiki Page button on the top left of the menu bar.

Edit pages

You can change the content of pages by editing them. This can be done from within the page by selecting the Edit Wiki Content button to the top right of an entry. You can also edit from the wiki map on the right hand side of the page, select the page's drop down menu and then Edit.

The Edit dropdown

Only one person can edit a Wiki at the same time. If you try to edit simultaneously you will see the error below.

The error message you will see if attempting to edit a Wiki that is currently being edited


In some cases your tutor may make a Wiki closed to editing meaning it is limited to read only access.

Linking pages

When two or more Wiki pages exist you can create links between pages. To do this create or edit an existing Wiki page then select the Wiki Pages icon in the text box editor.

The link pages icon in the Content Editor

A new window will open. Select the page to link to from the dropdown list.

The insert Wiki page link window

As a default the name of the link will be that of the page, you can change this by typing an alternate name in the Rename Wiki Page Link box.

Click Submit to close the window, then click Submit again.

My Contribution

To view your contribution, from a Wiki page select the My Contribution button, here you will see your contribution to the Wiki by Words Modified and Page Saves. If your tutor has enabled grading and graded your contribution you may also see this here.

A view of the Participation and Grading Summary

You can also view past versions of the page and compare the changes you made against previous versions.

My Contribution page listing the pages changes and version comparisons


You can add a comment to a page. Click the Comment button from the bottom right of the page to enter your comment: 

The Comment button