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1. The University Court's mission statement is: to act as an agent of the University's stakeholders in seeing that the University is well managed, properly governed and responsive to public and local interests and concerns.

2. In furtherance of its mission, the Court has the following specific objectives and powers :


~ to monitor at arm's length the academic progress of the University in both teaching and research; and similarly its financial and corporate health

~ to serve as a bridge between the wider community and the University

~ to provide a source of ideas, influence and support from the wider community to assist the University in the pursuit of its mission

The Court is empowered:

~ to ask questions about, and express an opinion on, any matter whatsoever concerning the University; and to convey such opinions to the Council (as the governing body of the University) and other University authorities

~ in accordance with the Statutes of the University to co-opt a number of lay members of the Court itself

~ to award honorary degrees of the University

December 2005 (updated March 2008, October 2014)


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Membership 2018-19

For a full list of the Court's current members, please click here.


Meetings in 2018-19

Meeting of the Court in Session 2018-19 are scheduled to be held at 11.00am on Friday 14 December 2018 and Friday 14 June 2019.


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Last updated - 1 August 2018 (HJP)