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This page lists the University's obituaries for current or former members of staff who have died during this academic session. If you wish to locate an obituary for an individual whose name is not listed on this page (or in the pages for previous years listed below), or if you have any queries relating to current obituary notices, please contact Helen Pickersgill for further information.

2014 (by publication date of the obituary)

16/12/2014 Bipin Bhakta
10/11/2014 Vic Allen
3/11/2014 Chris Nordin
23/10/2014 Park Honan
23/09/2014 George McNicol
17/09/2014 Chris Sheppard
28/08/2014 Sheila Verity
11/08/2014 David Robinson
28/07/2014 Norman Allen
17/07/2014 Rick Jones
25/06/2014 John Mott
09/06/2014 Howel Francis
30/05/2014 Paul Valois
14/05/2014 Ben Gill
10/04/2014 Philip Cale
01/04/2014 Audrey Stead
26/03/2014 Colin Prentice
05/03/2014 Kenneth Everett
20/02/2014 Brian Garvey
12/02/2014 Brian Bentley
07/02/2014 Wayne Paton
22/01/2014 Cedric Abbott
22/01/2014 Peter Geach
10/01/2014 Lynn Halliwell


Last updated: 16 December 2014 (HJP)