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Reporting hate crime, sexual assault and online harassment


The University aims to provide an environment for students that is both safe, and conducive to supporting students to fulfil their potential in their studies.  To this end, the University has a zero-tolerance approach to sexual violence, harassment and hate crime.

We wish to provide appropriate support services for students and maintain a safe environment for all, and we encourage reporting of all incidents. 


To make an anonymous report to the University please complete the Reporting Form which is available here.

Once you have completed the report you will receive an email which will detail the support and advice available if you feel it would be helpful. This will include support from the University Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service, LUU Student Advice and/or the University Student Cases Team if your report concerns another student or member of staff.

If you wish to report the matter to the Police, the above teams can also help you with this. 

When an incident poses an immediate danger, threat or serious risk, you should call emergency services (Telephone: 999) and the University Security Services should be notified by Telephone: 0113 343 2222; Email: or calling at The Security Office on 175 Woodhouse Lane (available 24 hours).  The Reporting Form should not be used for reporting emergency situations.

Your data

The anonymous reports will be stored securely by the University Student Cases Team.  Where personal data is accidentally included in the report a member of the Student Cases Team will delete it to ensure anonymity is maintained before storing the report.

Further procedural advice can be obtained from the Student Cases team:


The Student Cases Team
The Secretariat
11.68, Level 11, E C Stoner Building, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT.


Last updated: 7.10.2020 (CLLC)