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Student cases

The Student Cases team in the Secretariat administers the various University processes and procedures relating to the following matters:

  • Student complaints
  • Reporting hate crime, sexual assault and online harassment
  • Academic appeals (taught and research students)
  • Fitness to study
  • Special cases of student progress that fall outside University regulations
  • Requests from Schools to curtail the opportunities for a student to progress
  • Allegations of cheating, plagiarism, the submission fraudulent or fabricated coursework and academic malpractice
  • Student disciplinary cases, both academic and non-academic
  • Student health and conduct applicable to registrable awards
  • Aegrotat awards
  • Posthumous awards
  • Exceptional extensions to periods of study and temporary leave

We are responsible for the University committees whose work it is to investigate and decide some of the matters set out above. We offer advice and guidance to Schools and individual members of staff on the various processes and related matters. We also give procedural advice to individual students whose case is under consideration.

We provide interpretation of and advice on regulations for taught programmes of study, particularly in the context of complex cases or where special provisions are being requested.

Our overall objective is the fair resolution of cases within the framework of the processes and procedures of the University.


Procedures and policies

Further information on the processes and procedures listed above is accesible by clicking on the links below:

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If you require any of the documents or forms listed below in an alternative, more accessible, format, please contact the Student Cases team - see contact details below. )


1. Student complaints

2. Reports of hate crime, sexual assualt and online harassment


3. Academic appeals against the results of University examinations and assessments (for both taught students and postgraduate researchers)

6. Disciplinary

7. Progression

8. The University's policy / statement on the following matters is accesible by clicking on the links below:



Further information on the Committees associated with the above processes and procedures are in the process of being updated.


For staff

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Contacting the Student Cases team

You can contact any member of the Student Cases team by e-mail or post as follows:


The Student Cases Team
The Secretariat
University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT


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Last updated: 26.5.2023 (CLLC)