We help to translate research into commercial solutions by working with academics, clinicians, industry, and patients.

By bringing together experts from different disciplines, enabling them to work with different technologies, we have established a reputation for developing medical technologies and bringing them to market effectively.

We have experience in, and can advise on:

  • identifying unmet clinical needs
  • finding collaborative partners (for example other universities, clinicians, companies)
  • advising on technology opportunities
  • proof of market
  • proof of feasibility
  • proof of technical concept and the next steps beyond proof of concept
  • thinking about outcomes and impact
  • developing translational capability
  • identifying potential sources of translational funding

We work closely with and are supported by two key national and regional partners with extensive experience in medtech translation.

The national UKRI EPSRC Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC), that works across 20 Universities in the UK, has developed and delivers an innovative translation system which advances early stage knowledge and technologies towards new product development and commercialisation by industry partners. Launched in 2009, the Centre activities have enabled £200m downstream private sector investment into the private sector to progress new product development, new manufacturing, facilities, clinical evaluation and market adoption across a portfolio of 50 new products and services.

The regional programme, Grow MedTech, is a collaboration between the universities of Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds Beckett, Sheffield Hallam and York, led by the University of Leeds and funded through the UKRI Research England Connecting Capability Fund. Their sector-specialist translation programme brings together academic industry and clinical partners to advance and converge technologies to enhance their readiness for downstream new product development and commercialisation.

Our national EPSRC Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre, established in 2009, has developed and tested a rigorous process to identify clinical application and market potential at an early stage. Since 2009 the Centre has attracted £150m of private sector investment to develop the technologies we have supported, across many disciplines.

Together with our regional partner programme, Grow MedTech, our team of sector-specialist Technology Innovation Managers works closely with industry and understands the drivers and barriers to progress for all stakeholders involved in developing products.

This well-networked team works with university partners across the UK to reduce risks and build the confidence of investors to invest in the next stage of development.