Vice-Chancellor expenses

We publish all expenses incurred by the Vice-Chancellor on University business.

The list includes items paid directly by the University at the time of booking, expenses charged to the Vice-Chancellor’s University credit card, and expenses which the Vice-Chancellor paid personally and then reclaimed from the University.

The amount shown is the net charge to the University: it excludes reimbursements made by the Vice-Chancellor to the University for any personal expenditure (for example, personal items included in hotel bills). It is the Vice-Chancellor’s practice not to claim for alcohol, and not to claim for taxis within UK cities (although the Vice-Chancellor may occasionally claim for a taxi from an airport).

All of the Vice-Chancellor’s expenses are checked and approved by the University Secretary and independently audited each year on behalf of the University Council.

The Vice-Chancellor's expenses reflect the commitments of the head of a global university, which includes international travel, for example to meet potential donors and to set up overseas partnerships.

PDFs of recent Vice-Chancellor's expenses 

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