Strategies and plans

The University works to a number of strategies and plans. These are listed below.

Universal Values, Global Change: University of Leeds Strategy 2020 to 2030

This is our overall academic strategy. It is rooted in our desire to make a difference in the world. It sets a blueprint for a values-driven university that harnesses expertise in research and education to help shape a better future for humanity, working through collaboration to tackle inequalities, benefit society and drive change.

Enabling strategy

The academic strategy is supported by our Enabling Strategy. It encompasses academic areas, our people and ways of working, working conditions and environment, our role in the city and region, and financial and environmental sustainability. It sets out the actions the University will take to enable our community of staff and students to deliver the academic strategy successfully.

Our University values

Our values underpin our academic strategy and will help us build a fairer future for all. They are collaboration, compassion, inclusivity and integrity.

Climate Plan

Our Climate Plan sets out how we will deliver our key climate commitments, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting a net zero city, delivering sustainable travel, enabling responsible investment, shaping institutional decision-making, and refocusing research and education.

Read our Climate Plan reports for the latest updates about the progress made towards delivering our Climate Plan.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy 2022

Building on our existing equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work, including our Equality and Inclusion Framework 2020–2025, the EDI strategy is our vision for how the University will advance equity, diversity and inclusion for our community.