Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Bring new expertise into your organisation through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

Through the scheme, a qualified graduate or postgraduate, supported by a leading academic team, will work in your business as part of a one-year to three-year project to tackle a strategically important challenge.

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Benefits of KTPs to your business

  • Access to world-leading expertise from our specialist researchers to develop solutions to your business challenges.
  • Collaborate with us to implement solutions in a cost-effective way.
  • Innovate within your business, increasing competitiveness and profitability.
  • Develop a potential future employee.
  • Eligible for Research and Development (R&D) tax relief.

Some business challenges can only be met by making use of the latest research expertise. KTPs give you access to brand new knowledge and embed new capabilities into your business.

You'll have access to our academic knowledge and facilities. The KTP will provide you with a full-time qualified associate who will transfer, implement and embed that knowledge – enabling your business to develop and grow.

Our researchers lead new developments across a wide range of disciplines. This depth and breadth of knowledge makes us an ideal partner.

We have a strong track record developing KTPs. We have:

  • Worked on over 100 KTPs
  • Funding approval success rate of 95%
  • Helped secure over £15 million in funding for KTP projects
  • Worked successfully with both large companies and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including: Asda, THIS, Vet AI and LBBC.

Management KTP (MKTP)

The new Management KTP works in the same way as a standard KTP, with the exception that it is focused specifically on delivering and embedding human-centred and/or technology-enabled, strategic change to drive effectiveness  and productivity through better management and leadership practices. It is especially tailored for businesses seeking to transform and adopt new practices, spanning all key business functions.

What support will you receive?

If you take part in a KTP with us you will receive all the help and support you need to get the most from the partnership. Our team will help you to:

  • Discuss your strategic needs, determine project scope and assess whether your proposed project is likely to be funded by the KTP scheme.
  • Help write the grant application to maximise the chances of success in both funding and delivery of your objectives.
  • Recruit a suitable graduate or postgraduate associate who will be employed by the University of Leeds, but spend most of their time working at your premises.
  • Deal with all the administration required by the KTP scheme.
  • Look at ways of funding further work at the end of your KTP project.

Contact us

Visit the Knowledge Transfer Partnership guidance for information about the KTP scheme, including application deadlines.

For more information, please email the Knowledge Transfer Partnership team via

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