Video transcript: Nexus – Building on the University of Leeds’ outstanding track record in commercialisation

Transcript for the video embedded on the Commercialisation page.

[The Nexus logo appears on the screen]


[A 3D model of the Parkinson Building tower is dipped into and taken out of some water by a gloved hand]

[Professor Lisa Roberts, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research and Innovation, appears on the screen]

Lisa: The University of Leeds has an outstanding track record of working with business to bring new and innovative technologies and solutions to market.

[A close up of a model of a human head is shown, followed by a pipette being dipped into a bottle and the liquid deposited into water]

Nexus provides seamless access to the research and innovation capabilities at the University of Leeds to deliver competitive advantage to businesses.

[A 3D model of the Nexus building is shown]

Andy: As a research-intensive university, we are proud that a lot of our research has real-world impact, helping companies gain commercially but also delivering a wide range of economic and social benefits.

[Andy Duley, Director of Commercialisation, appears on the screen]

Andy: For example, our scientists have developed technology to create virtually waterless washing machines that use 75% less water compared to traditional machines.

The end product is being commercialised through our University’s spin-out company, Hydrofinity, delivering real-world impact to tackle water scarcity and, at the same time, providing superior cleaning and extended garment life.

[Professor Lisa Roberts appears on the screen]

Lisa: Our researchers have worked with a global food brand to patent protect the sales and marketing process for one of their coffee products, enabling them to penetrate global markets and boost their global sales.

[A model of a heart and a knee are shown]

Our academics have developed innovative biological scaffolds with a range of diverse applications that address real clinical needs such as wound care, heart valve replacement and knee repair, all of which clearly improve the quality of patients’ lives.

Andy: We also understand and anticipate the challenges associated with starting a business.

[Andy Duley appears on the screen]

We’ve set up over 110 companies since 1995, six of which are market listed with a combined market capital of over £500 million.

[A model of a lightbulb is shown]

Lisa: Our specialists can work with your business on collaborative research bids and contract research proposals to unlock funding for you.

[Professor Lisa Roberts appears on the screen, followed by a 3D model of DNA, then modles of the Parkinson building tower and Nexus building]

Lisa: With more than 450 patents and 120 technology licences in our current portfolio, you can have full confidence in our team when it comes to effectively navigating IP and tapping you into our network of specialists and funders.

If you’re an ambitious business, Nexus is the gateway to a university with an outstanding track record of innovation and an ever increasing portfolio of new research and technologies.

[The Nexus logo appears on the screen, followed by the words ‘Get in touch with Nexus. Connecting business with world leading research’.]

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