Platforms for early diagnosis

One of the four ‘grand challenges’ we are focusing our research on is ‘platforms for early diagnosis’.

Early disease detection through precision imaging and sensing

Novel imaging technologies with higher spatial, temporal, or functional resolution leading to greater sensitivity and specificity.

Integration of novel or multimodal sensors within robotic or artificial intelligence technologies to improve automation, precision, or access.

Enabling integrated diagnostics for early detection

Linking technologies, data, care pathways and systems to create new diagnostic and precision medicine solutions.

Detecting and diagnosing earlier to improve patient outcomes with enhanced data sets to facilitate targeted therapies and inform accurate prognostication.

Next generation diagnostics

Developing diagnostic platforms that allow the assessment of individuals for multiple conditions or pathogens at the point-of-care that are affordable and scalable.

Examples include:

  • Multiplex microfluidic platforms
  • Novel target detection systems
  • New point-of-care devices

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