Case studies

Watch our interviews with researchers to discuss their current research and how the Centre has helped support them. 

Watch Dr. J McLaughlin – Cancer Imaging and Therapy on YouTube. Dr McLaughlin talks about his work in cancer imaging and therapy which uses gold nanoparticles with therapeutic ultrasound to increase efficiency in treatment. He explains how the CfHTI helps accelerate the adoption of research and treatments through collaboration.

Watch Health Talk with Dr. James Chandler – Robotics for Healthcare on YouTube. Dr Chandler talks about his work in surgical robotics for healthcare and surgical device development. Working with CfHTI, he has been able to make valuable connections with clinicians and patients to develop his research further.

Watch Health Talk with Professor Richard Hall – Mechanical Engineering and Cancer on YouTube. Professor Hall shares his current project finding new ways to treat the spines of patients suffering from cancer. He says that the CfHTI has helped bring people together to discuss ideas and create interdisciplinary research.

Watch Health Talk with Dr Tze Min Wah – Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment on YouTube. Dr Wah discusses her current work surrounding the use of ultrasound technologies in the non-invasive treatment of cancers. The CfHTI has been valuable for her research by supporting collaborations between clinicians and industry partners.

Watch Health Talk with Dr Sarah Mackie – Inflammatory Diseases on YouTube. Dr Mackie talks about her research in improving patients outcomes of those who suffer from inflammatory diseases, and the advancements in treatment and diagnostic technologies. The CfHTI has supported her with growing her network within the healthcare community. 

Watch Health Talk with Toby Hamblin – Medical Devices on YouTube. Tony Hamblin, a Medical Device Consultant with SamanTree Medical, discusses his collaboration with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust Innovation Pop Up Team, partners of the CfHTI, and their support in aiding the progression of new technologies.

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