Our mission

The Centre’s mission is to propel healthtech innovations to clinical adoption for maximum impact.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a connected, innovation-driven and challenge-led HealthTech research and innovation ecosystem, driving global transformations in value-based healthcare.

Our values

Our work will be based on four values:

  • to be responsive to socio-economic and healthcare needs
  • to drive improvements to healthcare that are sustainable and affordable
  • to accelerate the adoption of new technologies for maximum patient benefit
  • to create a connected and inclusive community to tackle global healthcare challenges

Strengths and capabilities

As a partnership between the University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, the Centre spans the full innovation journey, from early-stage discovery science through to clinical evaluation.

Our particular strengths include:

  • Medical device development: pre-clinical simulation, tissue decellularisation and regeneration, robotics and surgical technologies, smart materials, additive manufacturing, and nanotechnology
  • Diagnostics and imaging: in-vitro diagnostics, diagnostic imaging, advanced imaging systems, image analysis and AI
  • Clinical translation: de-risking innovations and bringing health technologies to market
  • Clinical evaluation: methodological expertise to evaluate innovations from proof of concept through to post market evaluation

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