Video transcript: Agricultural Energy Systems Research

Transcript for the video embedded on the Our work on Agri-energy Systems page.

[The University of Leeds logo appears on the screen] 


[Aerial footage of the University Research Farm appears on the screen] 

[Jeremy Laycock Campbell, Research and Innovation Development Manager, appears on the screen]

Jeremy says: One of the things that we're looking at is the impact from the university research farm.  

[Dr Andrew Ross, Associate Professor in Energy and Resource Recovery, appears on the screen]

Dr Andrew Ross says: Looking at both the integration of renewable energy. 

It's looking at the emissions associated with the current activities of the farm and looking at alternative innovative technologies that could lower the carbon footprint.     

[A variety of footage appears on the screen showing a farm including buildings, facilities and fields, and a pig] 

[The Energy Leeds logo appears on the screen with a link to the Energy website:]