Video transcript: University of Leeds Strategy - Research Culture

Transcript for the video embedded on the Research culture statement page.

[Aerial footage of the University of Leeds campus.]

Simone Buitendijk, Vice-Chancellor and President says: We want to contribute to solving the big problems.

[Researchers in lab coats wearing face masks and examining some lab equipment.]

[Aerial footage of houses and a beach, footage of a road bridge at sunset with birds flying past.]

[Simone Buitendijk appears, in front of the Great Hall on a sunny day. Text appears that says: Simone Buitendijk, Vice-Chancellor, University of Leeds.]

Simone says: we can't do that without cutting edge interdisciplinary stellar research.

[Robotics equipment moving around in a lab.] 

[Returns to Simone who says:] We want to change our research culture. We want to think a lot more about what research is for. 

[A close up of an eye reflecting something moving on a screen. Cuts to a researcher looking at a huge screen showing something under a microscope. Various shots of researchers and students in lab and classroom environments and using a virtual reality headset.]

And how to make research outward looking, how to change the definition of a good research career.

And we need to think about creating a truly collaborative research culture.

[A lecturer is talking to students in a lecture theatre, a young person is playing a piano in a shopping centre.]

[Returns to Simone who says:] I'm going to think about how we can collaborate as if our lives depend on it, because they actually do, with other universities, with business, with policy makers, because that's what universities should be doing.

[Footage of a person putting on a virtual reality headset and walking around a room with footage of a virtual street projected behind them.]

[Various shots of buildings on campus.]

Dr Rebecca King walks into a room with lots of light, big windows and books and objects on shelves and sits down. Text appears that says Dr Rebecca King, Associate Professor of International Health.]

Rebecca says: It's wonderful to work at the University of Leeds in such a supportive environment.

[Professor Paul Cooke, Centenary Chair on World Cinemas walks into a darkened room and sits down, the camera angle changes and reveals the room is a small cinema.]

Paul says: The interesting thing about Leeds and particularly Leeds approach to research-focused on global challenges is that everybody on campus can get involved in this.

[Footage of students in a study space, students walking on campus].

[Text appears on screen that says: Universal Values, Global Change, 2020-2030.]