Video transcript: University of Leeds Language Centre facilities and teaching

Transcript for the video embedded on the Language Zone page.


[Shots of a building on campus and students walking around inside the Language Centre.]

[Melinda Whong appears on screen in the Language Centre. Text says: Melinda Whong, Language Centre Executive Director.]

Melinda says: So in the Language Centre we have the language zone. The language zone is a space just for language; we have an enormous amount of software and we have satellite feeds from all around the world. 

[Carolin Schneider appears, also in the Language Centre. Text says: Language Zone Manager.

We have books, we have CDs.

[A student picks a book off a shelf, another student is using a computer.  

Carolin says: we also have films with specialist software, speech recognition software as well. 

[A group of students using a bank of computers. A person pulling a book from a shelf.]

Carolin says: It's the place for students to come and do independent learning.

Melinda appears on screen and says: Pretty much any language that you would study would be supported here.

[A close up of a computer screen showing speech bubbles with the word ‘hello’ written in several different languages.]

[The University of Leeds logo appears. The Language Centre website address appears,]