Undergraduate Research Experience celebrates research from across the Faculty

The annual event took place earlier this week to celebrate excellent student research in the Faculty of Arts

Ugre 2015

This year's celebration took on a 'festival' theme and festivalgoers were treated to a number of undergraduate 'headliners' from across the Faculty on the Main stage. The headliners took the opportunity to share their research and experiences with fellow undergraduate researchers, festivalgoers, academic staff and postgraduate students.

The event theme took its lead from the 'Festival Fringe: Carnival' which showcased research by three undergraduate History students on the Leeds West Indian Carnival. The students served festivalgoers West Indian food and presented a brief insight into the history and origins of the Carnival alongside the reasons for why, where and when it takes place and the significance the event has within the local West Indian and wider community of Leeds.

Other research presented by undergraduate headliners included: 'Falling to our knees – a Holocaust Memorial' by Laura Beacall (French and German), 'Portrayal of men in Jane Austen’s works' by Katelyn Edwards (English), 
'The bombardment of Hartlepool, 1914' by Tim McConnell (Classics) and 'A consideration of how negative portrayals of contemporary Paganism have affected its growth in Britain' by Sam Hunter (School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science).

The Festival ended with a 'battle of the Schools' quiz and the after-show ‘Campfire’ party featuring live music.