A series of Dantesque work-in-progress seminars: @dante.leeds

A friendly environment to discuss and receive feedback on ongoing research involving Dante Alighieri.

LHRI, Clarendon Place 29-31, Seminar room 2 

03 November - 13.45-15.00

10 November - 14.00-15.00

01 December - 14.00-15.00 

08 December - 14.00-15.00 (please note this date has now been cancelled but will be rescheduled)

This new series of workshops aims to provide a friendly environment to discuss and receive feedback on ongoing research involving Dante, ranging from the different approaches to the study of the Commedia to the reception of Dante’s work in later periods and contemporary culture.

Before each meeting, the presenter will circulate a couple of pages on his/her research. He or she will then introduce the meeting with a short presentation of their research (ca. 10 minutes) and propose the reading of a Dante’s text related to it. The rest of the session will focus on a friendly discussion during which participants can ask questions and offer feedback to the presenter. The meetings are promoted by the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies.

All welcome, and no prior knowledge of Dante is required!

We have organised a first round of seminars, but the initiative is still open to the contribution of any research connecting directly or indirectly with Dante or his works. For this reason, we have chosen as title @dante.leeds. The @ suggests that any project is welcome. For instance, we will hear about statius@dante as well as pasolini@dante – but there is space for many other perspectives in future sessions.

Do you want to participate or do you want to present your own research?

Contact us! We are already planning a second series of meetings for the spring term. 

Pietro Delcorno - p.delcorno@leeds.ac.uk

Maddalena Moretti - mlmmo@leeds.ac.uk

Abigail Rowson - A.Rowson@leeds.ac.uk

Rory Sellgren - ms09js@leeds.ac.uk

Serena Vandi - mlsv@leeds.ac.uk