Dr Juha Saatsi awarded Mid-Career Fellowship by the British Academy

Image of the Parkinson Building.

Dr Juha Saatsi, Associate Professor in Philosophy, has been awarded a Mid-Career Fellowship by the British Academy worth more than £106K.

These prestigious Mid-Career Fellowships are awarded annually to outstanding individual researchers whose proposed research will promote public understanding of, and engagement with, the humanities and social sciences. As a result of receiving the grant, Dr Saatsi will be undertaking a major piece of research entitled 'Scientific realism reinvigorated: How to think about scientific progress and knowledge in the 21st century'.

The project will tackle the current impasse in debates surrounding the nature of scientific knowledge and progress with a radical rethink of the key terms involved. Bringing together 15 years of research, Dr Saatsi will argue that philosophical analysis of scientific knowledge must be more sensitive to various differences in how scientific theories explain and yield empirical successes, and that we can break new ground by capturing scientific progress in more case-specific terms, by forgoing much-criticised overly general claims and arguments.

The findings and conclusions of the project will be shared with the wider world through public talks, videos, articles and a new book.