'Most Popular Poster' at the Arts, Humanities and Cultures Poster Conference 2017

James Titterton

James Titterton, third-year IMS PG Researcher, presented a poster which was voted 'Most Popular Poster' by the conference delegates at the Arts, Humanities and Cultures Poster Conference 2017.

The poster, entitled, 'All is Fair in Love and War: The Ethics of Deception in Medieval Warfare', was interactive and challenged viewers to judge whether they thought individual incidents of deceit from the chronicle sources were approved or condemned by the authors. The aim was to convey the ethics of medieval warfare were not a simple binary of good/bad but a complicated set of shifting values that could be interpreted to support or criticize a given action according to a chronicler's agenda. 

The Arts, Humanities and Culture Poster Conference 2017 was held on 01 November.  

James was also awarded the 'Most Popular Poster' prize last year at the same conference.