Virtual Holocaust Memoryscape project featured by AHRC

Virtual Holocaust Memoryscape

A new research project led by Dr Matthew Boswell has been featured by the Arts and Humanities Research Council for its innovative use of digital technology in exploring memories of the Holocaust.

Virtual Holocaust Memoryscape, which receives funding from the AHRC, aims to improve understanding of the Holocaust by harnessing the powerful testimonies of those who lived through its atrocities. With the number of living survivors dwindling each year, Dr Boswell hopes to forge a personal connection between the past and present that will bring history to life for future generations.

The project will transform the Bergen-Belsen, Westerbork Neuengamme and Anne Frank House museums into interactive, immersive experiences by combining 360-degree photography of the spaces with related archive materials such as films, photographs, news footage, diaries and oral testimonies. The AHRC feature explores the fascinating development of the project, as well as its aims and motivations.

Virtual Holocaust Memoryscape is part of Transnational Holocaust Memory - a series of interrelated research exploring global memory cultures through the memory of the Holocaust. Its remit is broad, but of particular interest are newly established norms in areas such as human rights legislation, historical memorialisation, and the ways in which nations confront difficult pasts.