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Join us from 21 September to 3 October, when we’ll be running a series of live events to help you discover Leeds from home.

New to the University of Leeds? The Leeds University Library Galleries team would love to meet you! This event is for students only.

In this insightful webinar, Leeds alumna Rupa Ganguli will discuss and explore how we can make sustainable choices in our day to day lives, highlighting both environmental and social impact.

This free online event is suitable for secondary school teachers and further education providers who are delivering education online.

A mixed audience (academics, industrialists, social enterprises, micro-businesses and the general public) discuss current work towards sustainable fashion within a circular economy framework.

Dr Peter Peverelli will apply Fons Trompenaars 7–Dimensional model to Chinese culture, providing us with a means to not only identify and analyse cultural differences, but also to reconcile them.